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The Tasty Hog Co is a Cornwall based hog roast company, our  specialities are whole hog roast, whole lamb roasts and BBQ buffets.


Our team includes trained chefs and we provide the finest and freshest hog roasts available for your function or event.

We predominately cater for corporate hospitality, weddings and other private functions to clients across Cornwall, occasionally Devon and paid events such as festivals further afield.

Unlike some other Hog Roast caterers we cook and prepare the majority of our food on site whilst the hog is in the oven,you get to see the process from start to finish, you cant get much fresher than that.

We take pride in everything we do and will pull out all the stops to make the catering at your event a success.

We locally source the finest quality pigs from small farms across Cornwall, where possible we use free range pigs and use wholly Cornwall based suppliers for all of our fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and dry goods.

Our Head chef and owner has experience in fine dining establishments around Cornwall.

The idea behind the company was to bring good quality, locally sourced produce and restaurant quality food direct to the customer.

The company holds firm to its core values of bringing the freshest ingredients to your plate, Such as the pigs we use from selected Cornish farms and we even go as far as choosing the best quality apples and Cornish cider for our famous apple & cider sauce

We use a local butcher and baker to provide our sausages and other BBQ items and a local bakery to supply our rolls and ciabattas

no expense is spared to provide you with the best quality products

Everything we do is to bring you the best quality hog roast to your event.

The whole hog roasting process

unlike some other hog roasting companies out there we roast from start to finish on site where possible, we understand not all venues will allow a caterer to be on site all day.

How long we will need to be onsite depends on the number of guests and the size of the hog, but an average sized hog roast will take about 6 or so hours plus serving and prep time.

1. We will arrive approximately 7-8 hours before we are due to serve the hog roast and we aim to setup the cooking area within the first hour. The cooking area is protected from unwanted weather by our 3x3 metre gazebo so we are completely weather proof.

2. By the end of the first hour we hope to have the hog prepared and slowly turning in the hog roast machine on full heat to generate the golden crispy crackling.

3. During the following 4 hours we regularly monitor the pigs temperature progress to ensure that we are on track for the hog to be served on time.

4. Approximately one hour before serving time we will lift the pig out of the oven and start to carve the succulent meat into trays we ensure that the meat is slowly heated in its own juices through this time which dramatically improves the flavor.

5. After the Hog has been carved down we quickly set up the salad tables and lay out the bread rolls and apple sauce.

6. We’ll invite your guests over to our gazebo and begin to serve the hog roast.

7. When service has ended we will quietly pack up and leave you to enjoy your event.

8. Want to know more? Check out our Frequently asked questions or contact us on 01736 888446

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