DIY Hog Roast

Hire a hog roaster for a DIY hog roast
Fancy yourself as a bit of a chef?
Hire one of our pig roasters and cook your own hog for your event

From just £200+vat a day we can hire you one of our wonderful pig roasters or charcoal spits for smaller joints.

we can also supply you with the pig if you need us to.

Our roasters come with all the accessories you need to cook for your own hog roast.


delivered & collected clean £200+vat

delivered & collected dirty £250+vat

13kg gas bottle - one included - sufficient to run a roaster for around 6 hours

extra gas can be supplied at:

£35 for 13kg butane

£40 for 19kg propane

Other items to Hire:

Serving package - £75 per day

6ft serving table

3m x 3m gazebo

utensil package - knives, tongs, trays etc

crockery and cutlery - £1.50 per person

Supply of meat

whole Pig (approx 54kg) - £225

whole Pig (approx 27kg) - £170

rolled and tied pork loins (approx 5kg) - 1 x £35 - 3 x £100

whole lamb (approx 30kg) - £150

lamb legs (2 x 1.5kg) - 1 x £30 - 3 x £85 - 6 x £160

beef topside joints Approx 5kg - 1 x £35 - 3 x 100


plain Chicken Breasts - 5kg approx 27 - 30 breasts - £30

add £5 per pack for butterflied and / or flavoured breasts

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